Tracy and CleRenda McGrady Foundation Programs

Tracy and CleRenda McGrady Literacy Campaign

Library Renovation Program:

The Tracy and CleRenda McGrady Foundation works with schools in need of updated library and media center resources. Schools are identified and funds are raised to provide these schools with books, updated technology, or even renovated or reconstructed libaries or media centers.

Millionaires Reading Club:

Schools with the most books read are eligible to recieve funds for library renovation.


Holiday Dinners and "Toys & Stories" Book & Toy Drive

Thanksgiving Charity Feast:

The Tracy and CleRenda McGrady Foundation organizes a Thanksgiving dinner to to feed needy citizens at the holiday season. This Thanksgiving 500 people are being fed during a program on Thanksgiving day. This is a time to be thankful and to help others who may not be as fortunate.

"Toys & Stories" Holiday Book & Toy Drive:

It is a joy to brighten the faces of children who otherwise may not have Christmas presents. A book and toy drive collects toys and books that are disbursed to children in need at the holidays. As literacy is the foundation's main focus we feel it is important that children's books are available to the youth as well as toys.


Africa Program

Darfur Documentary:

In 2007 Tracy traveled to Eastern Chad to visit refugee camps and see first hand the terrible thiings happening in the region. Moved by the things he saw and realizing the need of more publicity and help to these situations Tracy created a documentary, '3 Points – Peace, Protection, Punishment' to bring back the stories and inspire others to help. He joined forces with Participant Productions, The Enough Project, and the NBA in an effort to educate people on what is happening in Chad and Darfur. Tracy met with refugees who have lived in camps in eastern Chad for six years, ever since violence in Darfur forced them from their homes. The film’s title refers to the three components necessary for the refugees to return home: peace, protection, and punishment. The refugees with whom T-Mac met expressed a desire for an end to widespread conflict in Darfur, a guarantee of protection from attacks, and justice for Darfur’s victims.

Sister School Initiative:

The Tracy McGrady and CleRenda Foundation is funding the construction of a school, training of teachers, and school suppliers for a secondary school (high school) in a refugee camp in Goz Beida. (a southern part of eastern Chad) Tracy's old high school, Auburndale High, was challenged to be the sister school to the onebeing built. They will do their own fund-raising and will send over additional supplies. One day soon, they will be able to write letters back and forth and be able to bridge the gap between the children here and the children there.





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